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Hi! I am an NYC-based experience designer crafting delightful experiences one pixel at a time. I am passionate about user research, nerdy about process flows, and obsessive about creating the best user experience.

Previously a Product Manager, I enjoy identifying and solving business problems with designs. I believe to create exceptional designs, it is critical to understand both the users and the business.

I am also a bit entrepreneurial - I’ve worked on some apps by myself, including DroidFeed, Paxira, and WTE.


Brands I’ve worked with

Collaborating with brilliant product teams, I have worked on a variety of projects - from complex, industry-disrupting enterprise software to consumer-facing mobile apps featured on Product Hunt.

My design disciplines include user research, UX design, product design, and visual design.

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Things I’ve written about

I enjoy writing about design, technology, and psychology. I believe writing is a great way to learn, reflect, and share.


A Beginner’s Guide to Self-Driving Cars →

I was curious about the self-driving cars, so I researched about the industry and compiled my findings in this article.

6 common cognitive biases UXers should know →

Combining my background of psychology and design, I reflected on how our biases affect design and research processes.

How to design conversion-driving App Store screenshots →

I analyzed app store listings of some popular apps and identified patterns that could drive app store download conversion.


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